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1. Alcohol and cigarettes.Persons over the age of 18 years is entitled to bring into the territory of Singapore for personal use without paying customs duties 1 litre of spirits (brandy, whisky, gin, rum, vodka), 1 litre of wine and 1 litre of beer (Ales, sprout, porter). However, this privilege does not apply to persons traveling to Singapore from Malaysia, as well as those who spent outside Singapore less than 48 hours - for this category of persons, the importation of alcohol is prohibited.

2. Weapons and ammunition.
 Firearms, explosives, bullet-proof clothing, toy guns, pistols and revolvers and knives, spears and swords (for import requires special permission from the Police authority of Singapore).

3. Currency.
In accordance with Singapore Law on corruption, drug trafficking and other serious crimes, persons entering Singapore and departing from Singapore carrying cash or negotiable instruments in bearer for a total amount of 30 thousand Singh. $ . (or foreign currency equivalent) or more, at customs control must file a Declaration.
Failure to comply with this rule shall result in criminal liability and punishment in the form of a fine amounting to 50 thousand Singh. $ . or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years.

4. Prohibited to import:
- chewing gum (except medical chewing gum);
- chewing tobacco;
- lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver;
- narcotic and psychotropic substances;
- certain objects of wildlife threatened with extinction and their by-products;
- fireworks
- pornographic publications, video and audio recordings, computer programs; - copies of publications, video records, video compact discs, laser discs, records and tapes made with copyright infringement;- materials of anti-government content, rebellious nature.

Attempt to import any of the above items in Singapore is a criminal offence.