"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Republic Tajikistan

Physical persons can move through customs border Republic of Tajikistan with outright release from payment of customs payments of the goods for the sum equivalent 1000$, and
also receive or send without payment of customs payments the international items of mail in the total cost to 100$.
Restrictions on import of tobacco products and alcohol are not present, if the total cost of all imported goods does not exceed 100$

1. Import and export are forbidden: drugs, the weapon and ammunition, poisons, printed matter and the video data, able to harm political and economic interests of the country, its safety, morals of the population.

Animals, asbestos, bees, bloodsuckers, silkworms and other live organisms, biological substances (infectious or not infectious), gold or silver ingots, the false goods or materials, coins, currency, a fire-arms, the ammunition (or spare parts), folding knifes, the furs dangerous or combustible materials, human or animal remains (ashes), subjects from an ivory, jewelry, drugs, the credit-and-monetary documentation, perfumery, the perishable goods, a pornography, precious metals and stones, the hours, which cost exceeds 150$, antiques, crude eggs, electronic and high-frequency devices, furs, honey and honey honeycombs, precious metals and stones, viagra.

2. Currency.
Foreign currency import is not limited; export - to 500$ (it concerns also national currency in recalculation for US dollars).
At entrance the certificate on inoculations is not required, but it is desirable to have the document on an inoculation against a belly typhus.
At import of pets it is necessary to have on them passports of the international sample with instructions of inoculations from furiousness and plague