"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

The Republic of Korea

1. Alcohol and cigarettes:
Duties are subject to the following imported goods: alcoholic beverages (more than 1 bottle. To 1 liter), tobacco products in excess of 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco.

2. Jewelries. You must declare the importation for personal use, followed by removal of jewelry, expensive watches.

3. Weapons and ammunition.
Prohibited to import / export of arms, ammunition, explosives and toxic substances.

4. Artistic and cultural-historical values. Prohibited to import / export of antiques, as well as goods, are numbered among the cultural heritage (without special permission) .

5. Currency.  Import and export is permitted without declaring cash in an amount equivalent to not more than 10 thousands of USA dollars.

6. Other.  You must declare the importation for personal use, followed by export photographic equipment, furs and other expensive  articles. Duty subject to a 60 ml perfume.

7. Prohibited to import / export:
- Coins ;
- Publications and other materials classified Constitution of the Republic of Korea as “threatening of public safety” ;
- Drugs and psychotropic substances;
- Medicines of animal origin, including bear bile and musk;
- Medicines of plant origin, including various roots, etc .;
- Plants, fruits and vegetables, as well as agricultural and forestry products (without special permission).