"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

The procedure of registration at the airport Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv).

Dear passengers!

The flights of the Uzbekistan Airways JSC to the city of Tel Aviv are executed in the Ben Gurion airport. There are 2 terminals. Passengers of the National airline are served at the Terminal No. 3. The departure lounge is located on the 3rd floor of the terminal, and it is divided into four sectors - A, B, C, D., when each sector is divided into two areas – the aviation security control area and the area of check-in of passengers and registration of their baggage.

The procedure for the control and registration of passengers:

• passengers of Uzbekistan Airways, as well as the passengers of the other airlines, are required to attend the aviation security control, after which on their baggage and passports are pasted the corresponding stickers on passing security control.

• next, the passengers are to go to the check-in desks with the logo of the Uzbekistan Airways, where they check-in and register their baggage.

• after the standard registration of tickets and baggage, are issued boarding passes, indicating the seats on the board the aircraft, and the baggage receives the baggage identification tag and is sent according to the General Luggage tag. (In the case of the presence of non-standard baggage (boxes, bags, electrical appliances, etc.), such baggage is registered for carriage in the prescribed manner, but not directed at the General baggage belt leading to the baggage handling area. Passengers with special baggage are sent to a special area for screening baggage for aviation security. After the passage of the screening, the baggage goes to the baggage compartment using specially equipped freight Elevator.)

• then the passenger's personal belongings and the hand baggage are checked for the aviation security and then the passengers follow into the passport control area and then get into the sterile distribution area for the subsequent journey to the gate, allocated for boarding on the aircraft a particular flight.