Uzbekistan airways

International airport "Andijan"

Andijan region is one of the most developed and significant region of Uzbekistan. It is located in the eastern part of Fergana Valley and it’s territory 4,2 thousand square km. Andijan region borders on Fergana and Namangan provinces of Uzbekistan and also Osh and Djalal-Abad regions of Kirgizstan.

The population of Andijan region is more than 2 million and 300 thousand people. There are 160 large-scale undustrial enterprises.  281 enterprises deal with processing of agricultural (farm)  produce and there are more than 7 thousand large scale farms.

The flagship of automobile industry is Asaka city. The plant “GM auto” and a number of joint ventures with  South Korea operate successfully in Asaka. In addition, the plant  “Elektroapparat” carriage repairing and machine – building enterpices exist and operate profitably in the territory of Andijan.

From year to year the volume of civil and industrial construction in increasing. “Andijan”, “Palvantash” and “ Hadjiabad ” oil-field enterprises are located here. High level of economical development, concentration of industry and financial capital, business activity of population stipulate the importance of transport links with other of republic, adjacent territories, countries of  Central Asia and neighboring countries. According to this fact there a great demand for air transportation in  this region.

Andijan airport is a part of the National company “Uzbekistan Airways”

Located 7 km. South-west of the city of Andijan.

Airport class is “B”

Airport has one RW: 44x2985.

Surface: Concrete.

Magnetic: 041 / 221

Zone time (winter / summer ): +5 / +5

Magnetic declination        M +4. 19

Airfield – not categorized

Radio equipment: ILS, Auto / inn marker

Provides landing system: RW 04 ILS, NDB

RW 22 (back course landing)

Lighting equipment: LIL Luch - 4M

Meteorological equipment – meteo systems “Krams-4”

Receives aircraft: Boeing 757-200, Boeing 757-100, Tu-204, RJ-85,IL-114 and AN-12

Cargo, IL-76 and other aircraft for which ACN=PCN without restrictions.

Andijan operates scheduled passenger flights on domestic and international (CIS) line

following areas: Moscow, St-Petersburg, Tashkent. Skipping security airport terminal            200-250 passengers per hour.

For passengers and customers at the airport are:

  • A waiting room for passengers;
  • A waiting room for transit passengers;
  • Departure and arrival hall for passengers of international airlines;
  • A mother and child room;
  • A medical centre;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Bar;
  • Cargo warehouse;
  • Customs and border control service, aviation security;
  • Operational service hall for official delegations;
  • Quality management system and safety management system in all services.

Upon renovation of the airport the work has been completed partly: a new building for accommodate of airport management for controlling  air traffic, fire station, the reconstruction of the interior of the hall of departure and arrival, purchased machinery and vehicles to service the aircrafts. The next stage involves the modernization of air navigations systems, installation of workstations to air traffic controllers,  lighting replacement of  obsolete equipment with more modern, as well as the reconstruction of power supply for the air traffic control and radio – lighting for flights. This will improve safety and bring the level of services to international standards.


- Implementation of the established production plan shipments, passengers, baggage, cargo and mail;

- Provision of reception and production of aircraft, implementation and maintenance of commercial aircraft and airline companies, including foreign and private, on the basis and in accordance with the terms of contracts and agreements on the appropriate form of service;

- Ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the airport and the airport;

- Providing regular shipments of aircraft under the current schedule, take the necessary steps to eliminate deficiencies in the services that affects the provision of regular  deliveries of aircraft;

- Ensuring the safety and quality of services;

- The purchase and sale of petroleum products products

- Carrying out complex aeronautical activities related to the airport;

- Control over the organization of  the movements aircrafts in area of responsibility;

- The organization of theoretical and practical training as well as training of personnel services;

- The organization of executive search, engineering – technical personnel, workers and employees, their appointment, transfer and dismissal;

- Organization of education work in subordinate services, sending it to the development of the creative initiative of workers, further improving safety, productivity, quality execution of tasks, improving all the work of subordinate services.


  • The organization of pre-and post-flight ground handling of passengers and their baggage, freight customers;
  • The organization of ticket sales and reservations including groups, according to the regulations air travel;
  • Information  services for the population  at the airport (the mourners, greeters who want to fly) for the issuance of reliable information on the movement of flights;
  • Provision of service and other fee-based services;
  • The provision of transport services to business and individuals;
  • Presentation of the relevant aeronautical and meteorological information to aircraft departing crew of the National Aviation Company, and the crews of other operators in the aircraft, according to their application.


Tel:    (+99874) 228-46-65;

Tel/fax: (+99874) 228-48-10, 228-48-46

Information center:

(+99874) 228-18-31;

8 (374) 228-18-31