"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Information regarding minor citizent of Kyrgyz Republic

In connection with frequent cases of refusal to entry of the passengers of HY, minor citizens of Kyrgyz Republic to the CIS countries in the result of arrival by birth certificate and with the document, which pointed to the citizenship of Kyrgyz Republic, herewith advise the followings.

In accordance to the mutual travel resolution of Russian Federation citizens and citizens of Kyrgyz Republic from 21th September 2005y. N 575 – entry/exit to/from Russian Federation from Kyrgyz Republic citizens of Kyrgyz Republic, and entry/exit to/from Kyrgyz Republic citizens of Russian Federation, as well as transit travel on the territory of these countries are using the following documents:

a) for citizens of Russian Federation:

  • passport of Russian Federation citizenship;
  • birth certificate (for children under 14 years old) with indication of citizenship of Russian Federation.

b) for citizens of Kyrgyz Republic:

  • identification card of Kyrgyz Republic citizens of 2004 year (ID card);
  • passport of Kyrgyz Republic citizen of 1994 year without filled abroad page;
  • birth certificate (for children under 16 years old) indication of citizenship of Kyrgyz Republic;
  • national passport of Kyrgyz Republic of 2004 year (ID-card).

During transit pass via Republic of Uzbekistan, minor citizens of Kyrgyz Republic SHOULD NOT pass national boundary of Republic of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with Article 18, 18.1 - Immigration Law of Republic of Azerbaijan «foreign citizens and stateless persons, which trying to pass national boundary of Azerbaijan Republic without passport, visa, with invalid passports and with other documents, is NOT permit to entry to the territory of Azerbaijan Republic».


For the reasons of abovementioned, to avoid imposition of a fine to HY by Detachment of Border Control of destination country, as well as expenses for return transportation of HY passengers, sale of tickets on HY flights and accept minor passengers of citizens of Kyrgyz Republic by birth certificate is NOT permitted.