"Uzbekistan airways" JSC


1. Alcohol and cigarettes. Persons under 17 years old are prohibited to import tobacco and alcohol. Allowed duty free import: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, - 1 liter of alcohol strength of more than 22 degrees, or 2 liters of champagne or liqueur, 2 liters of wine.

2. Weapons and ammunition.
Firearms, explosives and ammunition, including electric shocks and gas sprays (only with special permission).

3. Cars and gasoline.
When following a car in a spare canister is recommended to carry no more than 10 liters of petrol..
With respect to both the car and the baggage during the entire stay in the country will operate a customs regime, which means that neither sell nor rent or mortgage, or use it for profit is not allowed . If such necessity is still arose, it is necessary to contact your local customs office and pay the import duty. The residence time in the German vehicle registered in a State which is not a member of the EU, 6 months. This limitation does not apply to students studying in Germany, and persons who are there longer on duty. For them, the use of machines in the private, non-commercial purposes shall be extended for the duration of stay in the country.

4. medicines. In Germany allowed to import licensed medicines. For detailed information on the import of medicines are available in HM Customs and Excise Advice Centre, Tel: +44 (0) 20-89-29-01-52

5. Others. Allowed duty free import 500 grams of coffee, 100 grams of tea.

6. Items restricted for import to Germany:-
  Live animals (animals import into Germany is determined by special rules);
- fur, ivory, leather, stuffed animals or birds;
- plants, seedlings, seeds and bulbs;
-long-wave radio transmitters.

7. Prohibited for importation- unlicensed medicines (drugs) such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD and hashish;
- knives, daggers, knuckle dusters, batons and similar edged weapon;
- fake goods violating the rights of the registered trademark owner, such as a watch or a CD with unlicensed software;
- meat, fish, eggs, honey, produced outside the EU, with some exceptions.
-Allowed to import baby food and special foods, the use of which is due to medical purposes.