Extra baggage

For extra baggage, as well as for special category baggage (animals, sports equipment, overweight and oversized baggage), the passenger pays the fee established for excessive and special baggage.

The passenger on the Tashkent-New-York-Tashkent route(with any stopovers), who has paid at least 50% of the fare, regardless of the service class, is welcome to transport two pieces of checked baggage, the size of each must not exceed 158cm as a sum of three dimensions, and the weight – 23 kg. You should keep in mind that the weights of pieces of baggage do not add up! It means that a piece weighing more than 23 kg must be additionally paid for as overweight baggage even if the other piece weighs less than 23 kg. For children under 2, for whose conveyance 10% of the fare has been paid, the free baggage allowance is 1 piece, the size of which does not exceed 115cm as a sum of three dimensions, and one folding pram.

Each extra piece, as well as excessive size and weight, is paid for at a rate - 150 for each.