"Uzbekistan airways" JSC


In the order No. 1712 of the Ministry of agriculture of the PRC and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, is presented the list of animals, plants and their products, importation of which into the territory of China by air is prohibited:

1. Animals and products of animal origin.

1.1 Live animals (excluding dogs and cats) including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, invertebrates, animal genetic material.

2.1 Raw or cooked meat ( including viscera ) and meat products, including fish.

3.1 Milk and dairy products including raw milk, ayran, sour cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products.

4.1 Eggs and egg products, salted eggs, egg liquid, eggshells, mayonnaise and other egg products.

5.1 Swallow-nests (except canned).

6.1 Animal fats and oil, leather and fur, wool, hooves, bones, horns and more.

7.1 Fodder of animal origin ( including meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, milk flour), medicines and fertilizers of animal origin.

2. Plants and plant products.

2.1 Fresh fruit vegetables.

2.2 Tobacco leaves.

2.3 Seeds, sprouts and other plant material.

2.4 Organic cultivation environment.

3. Other quarantine categories.

3.1 Vaccines, toxins, pathogenic pests, cells, organs, blood and similar biomaterials.

3.2 Dead animals, stuffed animals.

3.3 Soil.

3.4 Genetic material.

Note: The importation of pets (dogs and cats) is allowed to be imported to China in the presence of the quarantine certificate and vaccination certificates.


1. Alcohol and cigarettes:
Duty-free import of spirits no more than 1,5 l, tobacco products to 600 cigarettes is resolved.

2. Jewelries. Duty-free import of jewels within personal needs is resolved.
Jewels with the maintenance of precious metals from above 50 g should be declared at entrance to the People’s Republic of China and without fail be taken out back.

3. The weapon and ammunition.
The weapon and the subjects simulating the weapon, ammunition and explosives are forbidden to import in the Peoples Republic of China.

4. Currency:
The quantity of the imported foreign currency is not limited. At foreign currency transportation in the size exceeding 5000 US dollars, it is necessary to declare it in the declaration. The quantity of the yuans taken through border, should not exceed 6000.

5. Are forbidden to import:
- Counterfeit bank notes, bonds and securities,
- Printing editions, films, photos, sound recordings, cinema - video- and magnetic films, laser video- and audio-disks, computer programs and other materials, causing a damage to the politician, economy, culture and morals in the People’s Republic of China;
- Various poison gases;
- Narcotic substances, and also psychotropic preparations (the persons who have broken an interdiction for transportation of drugs, are frequently sentenced to the death penalty or a life imprisonment);

5. Are forbidden to import:
- Subjects and things which bear in itself dangerous pathogenic microbes;
- Blood of the person and its derivatives (a lymph etc.);
- Fruit and vegetables, stuffed animals of animals, soil, pathogenic microorganisms of animals and plants, unmanufactured skins of animals, their blood, wool, hoofs, fats and oils, meat and interiors, fresh milk, cheeses, oil, cream, whey.

6. Are forbidden to export:
- All subjects and the things forbidden to import;
- Rare and valuable animals, plants, seeds.