"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Aviation securty

Requirements on aviation security

Screening the passengers, their hand baggage and luggage for aviation security is performed both on domestic and international flights for providing flight safety, protection of life and health of passengers and flight crews members, for preventing possible civil aircraft hijacking and other acts of unlawful interference of crime persons on civil aviation activity, as well as for avoiding unlawful transportation of weapon, munitions, explosives, toxic highly inflammable substances and other dangerous goods.

Complex measures for aviation security provision are fulfilled in the airports of the AJ «Uzbekistan airports».

On entrance to passenger terminals of airports of the NAC all passengers and visitors are required to pass examination on security by means of special technical devices that is performed by staff of airport security divisions and police.




Preflight examination of passengers and their hand baggage is fulfilled after check-in (for international flights – after customs, border and other controls). Preflight examination of passengers, their hand baggage and items, having by passengers, is performed by using special technical devices or manually; individual examination is also permitted if necessary. Passenger, who refuses preflight examination and screening his/her personal belongings, is denied air transportation.

During security examination it is needed to show the ticket, boarding pass and passenger’s identity document.

All the passengers without exception (including passengers having diplomatic immunities, unless contrary is provided for by the international agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan) are subject to examination.

It is not recommended to get baggage, parcels, envelopes and other item from unknown persons, as responsibility for their safety and contents is vested on passenger.

For the purposes of increase of effectiveness of aviation security provision in airports and civil aviation enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan it is prohibited to bring lighters and matches to aircraft.

It is also forbidden to carryall thrust and cutting items, scissors, knitting needles, skewers, manicure sets etc., as well as inflammable liquids to board of aircraft.

If items and substances mentioned above will be found in the hand baggage of passengers and if it is impossible to put them to checked luggage, such items and substances will be withdrawn and not allowed to flight.

Passengers having cardiostimulators are subject the individual examination without using technical means.

If ownerless items are found in terminal building or on airport land side or if you have information about threat for passengers’ lives or airport security, we kindly ask you to advise this to the airport administration or to law enforcement officials.

It is strictly forbidden to take and move suspicious items, to use electric and radio apparatus, mobile phones, radio stations nearby such suspicious items, to defuse, remove or destroy explosive devices by yourself.

Administration of aircompany and airport may make decision on introducing additional measures on aviation security providing.


Passengers and flight crew members are permitted to carry liquids, sprays and gels in aircraft cabin subject to the following requirements:

All liquids shall be carried in reservoirs with volume not more than 100 millilitre. Liquids in reservoirs with volume more than 100 millilitre are not allowed to transportation even in the case of partial filling.

Reservoir shall be placed to transparent closable plastic bag with volume not more than 1 liter. Reservoirs shall be free located in transparent plastic bag that shall be tightly closed.

Plastic bag shall be submitted for visual examination for aviation security in control point. Each passenger is allowed to have only 1 (one) transparent plastic bag with volume 1 liter.

These rules are applied both to international and domestic flights.

List of dangerous substances and items prohibited for carriage on board of the airplane.