Uzbekistan airways

The third Sunday of August is the Day of the Air Fleet of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Civil aviation of Uzbekistan: Safety, Stability,Comfort.

These principles are the basis of civil aviation of Uzbekistan for 26 years. And today the National air carrier - air company “Uzbekistan Airways” takes a worthy place in the international market of air transportation, a symbol of the country's independence.  During this period the brand “Uzbekistan airways” has become known and recognized all over the world as brand of stabile, safe and reliable carrier. Today modern and comfortable aircraft of Uzbekistan regularly land and take off in more than 40 cities of Europe and Asia, operate charter flights in range from Alaska to New Zealand.

The fleet of air company  was renewed, due to modern aircraft "Airbus", "Boeing", including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In accordance with the development strategy and the program for the modernization and unification of the fleet, The National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” is continuing to replenish its fleet with modern comfortable aircraft. In 2019-2020 air carrier’s fleet expected to be replenished with two Airbus А320 Neo and three Boeing 787 Dreamliners, after receiving of which Uzbekistan Airways will become the leading operator of this type of aircraft in the CIS. New liners of the NAC will be equipped with comfortable and wide seats with individual monitors designed for entertainment and more pleasant pastime, communication systems and Wi-Fi. A new approach to aircraft design will provide maximum comfort for passengers in flight.

The National air carrier can independently and qualitatively support the airworthiness of the aircraft. On the aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics», performs works of any complication from painting to major repairs of any types of airplanes, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Not only own fleet of air company, but the aircraft of foreign companies are maintained here.

The system of personnel training is being improved.  Up to date, the Training Center of the NAC, has professional instructor and teaching staff, various types of aviation simulators which is capable providing theoretical and practical training in accordance with international standards not only to own flight staff and to offer services on preparing and training to foreign air companies. Currently in the NAC works is under way on preparation of pilots directly in Uzbekistan on the basis of the Training Center of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways".

Ground infrastructure of airports was modernized. New terminals with high capacity were built, service technology was improved and runways has been reconstructed.

New Air Traffic Control (ATC) centers,  new air navigation systems have been put into exploitation, in order to make flights more safe and to increase number of users of Uzbekistan’s airspace. At all airports of the country, is introduced the system of double "green" and "red" corridors  which allowed to improve the logistics of passenger traffic and simplify customs formalities at the entrance  to  the country.

The international airport "Tashkent" named after Islam Karimov was recognized as the best especially important facility for observing security measures and requirements by the Republican interdepartmental commission for monitoring the organization of ensuring security of particularly important facilities in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The new arrival terminal of international airlines was put into operation in the capital’s airport. Putting into exploitation of a new building with a capacity of 1200 passengers per hour will significantly improve the service of incoming passengers of international destinations and will speed up the process of passing necessary procedures at the entrance to the country. A new passenger terminal with a capacity of 400 passengers per hour was opened  at  the international airport "Nukus".  The new terminal is equipped with modern equipment that allows passengers and their luggage to be serviced in accordance with international standards. 

The NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" has joined the Association of Independent Tour Operators of the United Kingdom (AITO). The airline conducts purposeful work on the development of tourism.  Closely works with domestic and foreign tour operators to expand the sales network of the NAC services and attract foreign tourists to Uzbekistan.  New directions were opened to Dushanbe, from Samarkand to Istanbul, flights to Lahore were resumed.  Airliners of the  NAC operate charter flights to Issyk-Kul, Maldives, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Bodrum and other countries.  as well as performing attractive flights from Milan and Paris directly to Urgench for European tourists. Uzbekistan Airways performed 12 charter flights within the framework of the FIFA-2018 World Cup, for transportation of administration, fans and families of Colombian, Mexican, Poland, English, Croatian and French national football teams.

The NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" in order to implement the Program of priority measures for the development of tourism for 2018-2019, approved by the decree of the head of the state, has stepped up activities to attract tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and other countries in the direction of the pilgrimage (ziyorat)  tourism.  Currently, the Uzbekistan Airways together with the foreign travel companies, along with the proposed short-term tours to holy places in Uzbekistan, is developing combined tour packages "Uzbekistan + " to further attract transit tourists.  The issue of opening direct flights from countries of the far and near abroad to the touristic cities of Uzbekistan - Urgench, Bukhara and Samarkand is being studied.

Uzbekistan Airways offers the tour operators, agencies and everyone aspiring to take advantage of the helicopter trips to the most beautiful places of Uzbekistan. Professional helicopter pilots will ensure not only your safety, but will also comfortably deliver you to your destination.

The airline takes part  in  the development of the republic's export potential.  The NAC introduces special preferential tariffs for the export of agricultural and textile products.  Air company has simplified procedures for concluding contracts, receiving and booking cargo for export in order to improve the quality for servicing of exporters. 

Significant work has been done to improve the level of service.  The content of meal for passengers and the technology of its submission have been completely revised, the frequency of renewing of entertainment media on board has been increased, and for business class passengers have been organized new quality road sets.

 Today, air company employs experts of the highest qualifications - the veterans of the industry, who work on all the intricacies of their business. The fact that were laid by them for years does not simply pass to young aviators, but is realized at a higher level. The youth of the NAC - are pilots – commanders of aircraft, air traffic servicing dispatchers and engineering-technical personnel, who are entrusted with work in the most serious areas.

It should be noted that the successful activity of the air company would be impossible without the full support of the country's leadership.  And the results achieved, first of all, are the deeply thought-out and verified policy of our state, the safe and dignified life of our people, peace and stability on our land. 

Each aviator clearly understands the role and significance of decisions taken by the President of the Republic in relation to the aviation industry.  And the staff of the NAC, not stopping at the achieved successes, are aimed to work cohesively to enhance the image and status of the airline on the international scene, to realize new projects and to multiply its successes, to justify the country's trust, in accordance with the proud title of a civil aviation employee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.