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Сeremonial reception of the second aircraft BOEING 787-8 Dreamliner of the NAC «Uzbekistan airways»

Venue: airport «Tashkent»

Date: November 5, 2016

Time: 10:00-12.00

Participants: Management and staff of the NAC, pilots of flight division “Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner”, representatives of other republican agencies, national and foreign mass-media

On November 5, 2016 the fleet of the National flag carrier «Uzbekistan Airways» has been replenished by one more aircraft of new generation Boeing 787. Non-stop flight from Seattle to Tashkent with duration about 12 hours has been successfully performed. The second “Dreamliner” was accepted by the Deputy Director General of the NAC Gennadiy Kharlap, deputy directors of aviation enterprise “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” Andrey Margachev and Valeriy Kosov on the facility of the Boeing Company. Aircraft was operated by the crew of the National air company of Uzbekistan: pilot-instructor of the flight division “Boeing 787” Andrey Tyan, co-pilot Yuriy Gorkov and chief navigator of air company Stanislav Gurfinkel.

It is needed to note that during short period the pilots of new flight division “Boeing 787” have successfully mastered this essentially new aircraft with the most modern technical and technological equipment that is radically different from aircraft in fleet of the NAC. Just two months have passed from the delivery of the first aircraft “Boeing 787 Dreamliner”, and now due to preparation level, professionalism and high responsibility the pilots of our republic have performed by themselves the non-stop ferry flight of the second aircraft to Uzbekistan.

We would remind that on August 31 of this year the NAC «Uzbekistan Airways» had obtained the first aircraft “Boeing 787 Dreamliner”. Its commercial exploitation was started on September 5, 2016 and the first international flight of “Dreamliner” was performed to Almaty on September 9, 2016. Now air company of Uzbekistan successfully operates this type of aircraft on international routes. Passengers have already become aware of comfort and high service level on board of “Boeing 787” on flights to Dubai, Delhi, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Almaty, Moscow, etc. With acquisition of the second aircraft “Dreamliner”, created on the base of advanced technologies, the air company will start to operate flights to other distant destinations.

Undoubtedly, "Dreamliner" is absolutely «new word” in aviation, marked revolution in the sphere of passenger aircraft manufacturing. As centenarian history of the Boeing Company shows, its designers and engineers are long on improving aircraft constructively and technologically for creation of the most comfortable conditions for passengers and for providing maximum flight safety. And high level of mutually beneficial and long-term co-operation in the field of civil aviation achieved as a result of every kind of support for joint projects on the part of the first President of Uzbekistan, has prospective development.

In September 2016 during a visit of the President of the Boeing Company R. L. Conner an agreement for purchasing new three aircraft was achieved. Two aircraft “Dreamliner” already received have modification “787-8”, the new ones will be elongated 787-9 with increased number of seats. Uzbek side will submit some requirements for new ordered aircraft such as wider distance between seats in cabin of econom-class, enlarged screens and some other improvements.

Looking at scalable plans of the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” we may say with confidence about dynamical forward aspiration and progress of air company aimed at development of civil aviation of Uzbekistan. Safety, reliability, comfort will continue to be priorities in work of the personnel of the National air company, that has been suitably representing interests and image of our country in the world arena during 25 years.

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