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Aircompany’s public image is our charge!

Press service of the National aircompany (NAC) «Uzbekistan Airways» has been performing its activity since year 2003. According to the Resolution No. 203 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 22.09.2006 Press service was renamed to the “Information service of the NAC”.

Information service of the NAC, being the structural subdivision of the Directorate of the National aircompany of Uzbekistan, in its activity is guided by the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, by resolutions and other acts of Legislative Assembly and Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, by decrees, resolutions and directions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, by normative acts of the NAC and by “Regulation on Information service of the National aircompany «Uzbekistan Airways»”.

It is our task to provide news!

            Information service:

- participates in implementation of general state policy in the field of civil aviation, in forming and realization of information policy, defined by the Management of the NAC «Uzbekistan Airways»;

- covers actual aspects of NAC’s activity in national and foreign mass-media;

- provides continuity of operative information about activity of the NAC, its services on passenger and cargo transportation, provided in the world aviation market;

- arranges press-conferences, briefings, interviews and other meetings of NAC’s management and employees with mass-media representatives;

- publishes republican aviation newspaper «O‘zbekiston qanotlari – Крылья Узбекистана» (“Wings of Uzbekistan”).

«Newspaper «O‘zbekiston qanotlari – Крылья Узбекистана» (“Wings of Uzbekistan”)

Subject matter: information-analytical

Periodicity: semimonthly

Format: А3, 8 pages

Printing: 2000

Language: Uzbek, Russian

Territory of the spreading: subdivisions, airports and the representations of NAC.

Founders: NAC «Uzbekistan Airways» and the Central Council of trade union of aviation workers of Uzbekistan

Newspaper has been registered in Uzbek Agency on Press and Informatization under No. 0170, on 11.01.07.

Our contacts:

Phones: (+998 78) 140-47-67

Факс: (+998 78) 140-47-67


Address: International airport “Tashkent”, 100070, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Information Service

of the National aircompany

«Uzbekistan Airways»