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NAC “Uzbekistan Airways”: 26 years on the wingns of independence

There are many events in the chronicle of Uzbekistan, which have defined current day and future of the country. Establishing the National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” 25 years ago marked a new era in the process of formation of the country’s civil aviation.

Many large projects were realized in the industry during passed years. Ground infrastructure of airports was modernized, fleet was completely renewed, new types of aircraft were mastered. Modern comfortable aircraft of Uzbekistan regularly land and take off in more than 40 cities of Europe and Asia, operate charter flights in range from Alaska to New Zealand. Pilots of Uzbekistan have mastered aircraft А320, Boeing-757/767, IL-114-100, and today exploit new generation aircraft “Dreamliner”. Their skill and potential are well known in the world and highly ranked by international organizations.

Modern passenger terminals were built. All 11 airports of the republic have status «International» and are equipped with reliable and perfect screening equipment. The airports’ runways have been reconstructed, service technology has been improved, terminals are fitted out by all comfort facilities and equipment, met the international standards. Every year international airports of the republic - «Bukhara», «Urgench» and «Samarkand» became winners in various nominations of prestigious contest «The best airport of the year among CIS countries» of Association «Civil Aviation Airport».

The new terminal of domestic routes "Tashkent-3" was constructed in the international airport "Tashkent" named after Islam Karimov, as well as departure hall for departing passengers and Business Lounge «Uzbekistan airways» with improved comfort; after the major repairs the new runway with modernized light signal equipments was put into operation.

International intermodal logistic center, created on the base of airport «Navoi», is one of the largest and most high-technological air cargo complexes of the region. Today it connects Uzbekistan with main logistic centers of Eurasia – Frankfurt-am-Main, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Basel, Zaragoza, Dubai, Delhi, Inchon, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hanoi and Shanghai. In 2015 a 35 989 tons of cargo were processed and transported through the hub, in 2016 – 37 099 tons, and in the first half of 2017 cargo volume has reached 18 929 tons (an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2016), 165 tons of which is the exports of agricultural products of the republic. Cargo terminal, equipped with special storage rooms with different temperature mode from -25 up to + 2 °C, has opportunities for processing and storage of agricultural products, as well as large, heavy, hazardous and other non-standard types of cargo both for export and import. Its capacity allows to store and process per day up to 300 tons of cargo. Today up to 100 tons of cargo per day on average are processed here.

Air company has created own base on preparing, training and refresher training of its personnel. Training Center has professional teaching staff and Simulator Center with various types of simulator, including full-flight simulator of aircraft IL-114-100, А320 and Boeing-767. It allows to prepare own flight staff of aircompany at the intermational standards level and to offer services on preparing and training to foreign air companies. The NAC has already begun to work on training pilots directly in Uzbekistan, at the NAC Training Center, which has not only modern aviation simulators, but also instructor and teaching staff capable providing theoretical and practical training in accordance with international standards.

The National aircarrier can independently and qualitatively maintain flight worthiness of own aircrafts. On aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics», performing all kinds of maintenance for aircraft of various modifications (including Boeing 787 Dreamliner), the Center on repair of composite components of aircraft was established. It has opened big perspectives for development of this enterprise. Today this enterprise independently performs work of any complexity - from the painting of the aircraft prior to its overhaul. Not only own fleet of aircompany, but the aircraft of foreign companies are maintained here.

Each aircraft in the sky of Uzbekistan is under continuing supervision of highly skilled traffic controllers of the Center “Uzaeronavigation”. New Air Traffic Control (ATC) centers have been put into exploitation in all airports of the republic as well as new air navigation system; objective control facilities, displaying systems and air traffic control were modernized and renewed. In order to make flights more safe and to increase number of users of Uzbekistan’s airspace, the new systems in the field of air traffic control – RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) and QNH (indication of flight altitude relative to mean sea level) have been put into service. Today air navigation system of the country fulfills the basic requirements of the ICAO standards. ATC Centre in Tashkent provides daily movement of more than 100 aircraft.

During the years of independence a necessary legal base which governs activity of civil aviation of the country, as well as effective legislative basis met international standards, have been created in a republic. The Air Code of the republic was accepted, more than 50 normative-legal documents was worked out and registered in the Ministry of Justice. Uzbekistan joined practically all effective international documents, regulating activity of civil aviation; in particular, in 1992 the Parliament had ratified the Chicago Convention on international civil aviation. The most universal norms of international law in the field of civil aviation and air travel are embedded in existing legislation. The National aircompany of Uzbekistan has been entered to the official register of operators of IOSA. The European aviation safety Agency (EASA) confirmed the status of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" as a safe carrier. As ICAO experts mark, a qualitative aviation legislation including the principal items of international standards operates in Uzbekistan, and the structure of civil aviation in the state allows to support high level of flights safety.

The National airline conducts purposeful work for development of tourism sphere in a country. Geography of flights, network of services sales of the NAC is broadened out every year, the volume of freight transportation is increased. The National aircompany successfully cooperates with number of foreign companies within the framework of Special Prorate, Interline and Code Share agreements, participates in various tourist fairs, opens new representative offices of the NAC abroad. Whereas in 1992 an airline had 7 representative offices only, to date this number makes over 40.

New routes to Singapore, Minsk, Voronezh, Lahore and Dushanbe are opened, as well as attractive for European tourists flights from Samarkand to Istanbul and from Milan, Paris directly to Urgench. Based on the increased passenger demand, today flight frequencies to Urumchi, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Amritsar, Delhi and Seoul are increased. Numerous Charter flights to Khabarovsk, Vladivostok are operated, during the winter period Charter flights to Issyk-Kul, Maldives and Barcelona are planned to conduct.

Today passengers have the opportunity not only to choose meals from the diet, but also to order menu with purchase of ticket depending on commitment to a particular cuisine, religion or health status. Year by year the higher requirements are made to the meal quality. The enterprise «Catering» providing tasty meal to board of aircraft, equipped with modern specialized equipment, allowing to prepare thousands portions of meal and provide them with not only the aircrafts of the NAC, but all airlines landing at the airport "Tashkent".

Air company of “Special Aviation Works” (SAW) that is the part of NAC and has aircraft An-2 and multifunctional helicopters Mi-8MTV in its fleet plays significant role in development of agriculture and water industry and tourism potential of the republic.  Each year, during the period of defoliation of cotton, fertilizing crops and combating pests from the air the An-2 aircraft have been processing over 150 thousand hectares of crops. Since 2002 the helicopters Mi-8MTV are involved in the "Heli-Ski" program for group of foreign tourists-skiers. They are also used on orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (annual flying hours under operation "Black poppy" is about 600 hours), in the conduct of aerial survey flights on the orders of the various ministries and departments.

Today, a number of major projects are implemented in the industry, namely the construction of a new passenger terminal "Tashkent-4", the project on construction of modern airport complex for civil (business) aviation on the base of aerodrome “Tashkent-Eastern”, delivery of 4 additional aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Realization of these projects will put civil aviation of Uzbekistan into quantitatively new level, insuring its status and public image in international scene; and the priority criteria in activity of the NAC – safety, stability and comfort will aim the airline for leadership on the world arena of air transportation.

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