Press release

Press conference

of the National Aircompany “Uzbekistan Airways”,

devoted to the Air Fleet Day and with putting into the operation of Full-Flight-Simulator

of Boeing 767 aircraft

Safety, stability and comfort. These principles have been the basis of civil aviation in Uzbekistan for 25 years. Over this years, large-scale programs and major projects have been implemented in the industry to update the fleet of aircraft and modernize all of the ground infrastructure.

Fleet of air companywas replenished with modern Boeing-757/767 aircrafts, Аirbus 320, domestic IL-114-100 and freight Boeings. A new generation Boeing 787 Dream-liner aircrafts were put into operation .

On July 27 this year the National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” for the first time in history performed on the “Dream-liner” the first direct flight on the route “Tashkent – New-York – Tashkent”. This event opened a new era in the development of the National Air Carrier of Uzbekistan. Now on the" Dream-liners " the NAC passengers cross the transcontinental route in just 10 hours and 50 minutes. Today the “Dream-liners” are successfully performed the flights to Dubai, Delhi, Amritsar, Istanbul, Tel-Aviv, Seoul, Frankfurt am Main, Moscow, Riga, Kuala-Lumpur and Singapore.

Boeing Corporation with a special mark noted the professionalism of the specialists and the high level of reliability of the Dream-liners of the NAC «Uzbekistan Airways», the excellent technical condition of which provides stability and safety of flights.

The National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” on the eve of Air Fleet Day and the 26th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan started operation of the new simulator - Full-Flight-Simulator (FFS) of the Boeing 767 aircraft.

FFS Boeing 767 is the latest development of the «Canadian Aviation Electronics» company (САЕ), equipped with the most advanced computer software, visualization and mobility systems. The special flight cases both in the air and on the ground may be trained on the new simulator. System of visualization, developed in accordance with the international industrial standards to provide high-quality imaging, allows you to calculate complex and effective visual scenes in unusual situations. The airport data base, loaded into computer system of the simulator – to fly to anywhere in the world.

The new simulator is exactly the cabin of the Boeing 767 aircraft, mounted on a mobile platform with «six degrees of freedom». The weight of simulator is about 13 tons. It was supplied by SAE in April this year. Assembly and installation works, adjustment of the software and simulator equipment adjustment were fulfilled by the specialists of company-manufacturer. After conducting tests and acceptance of the simulator by the NAC pilots, the Gosavianadzor of the Republic of Uzbekistan carried out its certification and, based on the results of the qualification assessment, issued a certificate for the operation of the new simulator.

To provide technical support of the new simulator by Canadian specialists, 11 specialists-engineers were trained at the NAC Training Center, who were allowed to independently service the airplane simulator.

The technical equipment of the NAC’s training complex allows the National air company to train not only its own crew, but also offer training and retraining of pilots to foreign air lines .

Currently the NAC’s Training Complex has modern procedural simulators, Full-Flight-Simulators «IL-114» and «A320», which allows the flight crew to train in conditions as close as possible to real once. And with the commissioning of the FFS Boeing 767 in Uzbekistan, the necessary base was created for training and retraining pilots for the «Boeing 767» aircraft without involving foreign training centers .

The NAC has already begun to work on training pilots directly in Uzbekistan, at the NAC Training Center, which has not only modern aviation simulators, but also instructor and teaching staff capable providing theoretical and practical training in accordance with international standards.

The country’s leadership pays special attention to improving the ground infrastructure of civil aviation. Modern passenger terminals with high capacity, reconstructed runways, modernized radio navigation facilities and lighting systems meeting international standards, enable the air havens of the republic to take all types of aircrafts and operate even in heavy weather conditions.

Today all 11 airports of the republic have been reconstructed and modernized and they have the status of «International». The new terminal of domestic airlines "Tashkent-3" was constructed , the new Business Lounge “Uzbekistan airways” functions with an increased level of comfort, new terminals were built in other airports of the republic. In the international airport “Tashkent” named after Islam Karimov and “Samarkand” international airport after the major repairs new runways with modernized light signal equipments were put into operation.

Civil aviation plans of Uzbekistan, the largest in scale in the CIS, demonstrate its progress and dynamic striving forward. The project “Construction of a modern airport complex of civil aviation on the basis of the airfield “Tashkent-Vostochniy” is being implemented. A contract was signed with "Boeing" company for the delivery of four more Boeing 787 Dream-liners. Active work is being carried out on the participation of the NAC in separate programs of IATA, ICAO, etc.

And this is only part of the projects that are able in the near future to bring civil aviation of Uzbekistan to a qualitatively new level and to strengthen the position of the National air carrier of the country in the international market of air services, ensuring its status and image on the world arena of air transportation.

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