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National air company “Uzbekistan Airways”  -  25 years: Worthy history and confident look to the future

There are many events in the chronicle of Uzbekistan, which have defined current day and future of the country. Establishing the National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” 25 years ago marked a new era in the process of the civil aviation formation. During this period the brand «Uzbekistan airways» has become known and recognized all over the world as brand of stabile, safe and reliable carrier.

On January 28, 2017 the National air company of Uzbekistan celebrates its quarter-of-a-century jubilee. This holiday is truly valuable for staff of the National air company. In retrospect looking over the course made it may receive evidence that each subsequent year was not less fruitful than previous one. Increasing economic potential and public image of the civil aviation of Uzbekistan is the obvious proof of this fact.

Air company has many things for pride. Modern comfortable aircraft of Uzbekistan regularly land and take off in more than 50 cities of Europe and Asia, operate charter flights in range from Alaska to New Zealand. Pilots of Uzbekistan have mastered aircraft А320, Boeing-757/767, IL-114-100, and today exploit new generation aircraft “Dreamliner”. Their skill and potential are well known in the world and highly ranked by international organizations.

The National air company of Uzbekistan has been recognized as the best operator of aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the world. According to the results of 6 months of operations (December 2016  – May 2017) the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” has shown the best figure on accident-free exploitation of aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner among operators of Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the world, providing 100 % of safety and regularity of flights on this type of aircraft. The Boeing Company has awarded the NAC for successful and safe exploitation of aircraft of this type.

Today the “Dreamliners” perform the flights to Dubai, Delhi, Amritsar, Istanbul, Tel-Aviv, Seoul, Frankfurt am Main, Moscow, Kuala-Lumpur and Singapore, as well as to New-York via Riga. And soon, on July 27, 2017 on the first time in the history the National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” will carry out the first direct flight on the route “Tashkent – New-York – Tashkent” on aircraft “Dreamliner”.

Many large projects were realized in the industry during passed years. Ground infrastructure of airports was modernized, fleet was completely renewed, new types of aircraft were mastered. New routes were opened, new terminals with high capacity were built, advanced technologies were implemented.

Modern mini-centers of Air Traffic Control (ATC) have been put into exploitation in airports as well as new air navigation system. Each aircraft in the sky of Uzbekistan is under continuing supervision of highly skilled traffic controllers of the Center “Uzaeronavigation”.

All 11 airports of the republic have status «International» and are equipped by reliable and perfect screening equipment. Modern passenger terminals are fitted out by all comfort facilities and equipment, met the international standards. There is departure hall with improved comfort level «Business Lounge Uzbekistan airways» in the capital’s airport.

International intermodal logistic center, created on the base of airport «Navoi», is one of the largest and most high-technological air cargo complexes of the region. Today it connects Uzbekistan with main logistic centers of Eurasia – Frankfurt-am-Main, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Oslo, Basel, Zaragoza, Dubai, Delhi, Tehran, Inchon, Tianjin, Hanoi and Shanghai.

«Each passenger is important for us!» - this slogan is always actual in activity of the enterprise «Catering», providing tasty meal to board of aircraft. Year by year the higher requirements are made to the meal quality, and staff is continually working on such quality, improving the process of meal preparation and menu.

Air company of “Special Aviation Works” (that is the part of NAC and has aircraft An-2 and multifunctional helicopters Mi-8MTV in its fleet) plays significant role in development of agriculture and water industry and tourism potential of the republic.

On international market of aviation services there are more and more customers wishing to co-operate with Uzbek air company. Due to own aviation repair enterprise the national carrier may qualitatively maintain aircraft airworthiness by itself as well as render services on aircraft maintenance and repair to foreign air companies.

On aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics», performing all kinds of maintenance for aircraft of various modifications (including Boeing 787 Dreamliner), the Center on repair of composite components of aircraft was established. It opens large prospects in development of activity of this enterprise on repair of modern aircraft.

Plans of the national air carrier, large on scale of CIS countries, show dynamic of development and progress of civil aviation of Uzbekistan. Contract on delivery of 4 additional aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been signed. The grandiose project on building the new passenger terminal “Tashkent-4” with capacity 1.5 thousand passengers per hour is realized.

Air company has created own base on preparing, training and refresher training of its personnel. Training Center has professional teaching staff and Simulator Center with various types of simulator, including full-flight simulator of aircraft IL-114-100 and А320. It allows to offer services on preparing and training to foreign air companies. Full-flight simulator of aircraft Boeing 767 will be mounted here soon.

Realization of these projects in near-term outlook will put civil aviation of Uzbekistan into quantitatively new level, insuring its status and public image in international scene. Air company staff is aimed at leadership on the market of air transportations. Providing the safety of flight and passenger is the most priority area in its activity. Personnel will always be faithful to air company’s slogan – «Safety, stability, comfort».

Information service of the NAC



Сeremonial reception of the second aircraft BOEING 787-8 Dreamliner of the NAC «Uzbekistan airways»

«Dreamliner» in the sky of Uzbekistan

On January 28, 1992 the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan had signed the Decree on establishing the National aircompany «Uzbekistan Airways» (NAC). Systematic, stage-by-stage development of the Uzbek civil aviation, with support of the President of the country, has promoted performance of the scale program on fleet renewal, modernization of entire ground infrastructure of the NAC that has allowed to provide quality and safety of aircompany’s services not only in the sky, but also on the land. Aircraft of new generation, high professional level of the personnel are evidence of reliability and stability of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan in the aviation world.

Having achieved the object – to enter into number of leaders not only on regional, but also on the world market of air transportations, the Uzbek civil aviation became the pride of our country. Over the last 5 years only the aircompany has realized a number of large-scale projects. Regular operations of mid-haul aircraft А320, new passenger and cargo Boeing–767 were begun. Procedural and «Full-flight» aircraft simulators have been mounted in Training complex of the NAC. New cargo and passenger terminals at airport "Navoi", modern terminals in “Bukhara” and “Urgench” were opened. All airports of the republic were reconstructed and modernized and provided with reliable and perfect examination equipment, and all of them have received the status “International”. The new terminal of domestic routes "Tashkent-3" and block for departing passengers at airport "Tashkent" have been put into operation. Recently the new Business Lounge of “Uzbekistan airways” with higher comfort level for servicing the passengers of “Uzbekistan airways” and other aircompanies has been launched after reconstruction. New routes to Singapore, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Minsk were opened. Shortly the freight flights to the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran – Tehran – will be started that will allow to expand cargo network of the international airport “Navoi”.

New systems in the field of air traffic control – RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) and QNH (indication of flight altitude relative to mean sea level) have been put into service and allow to make more safe flights and to increase number of users of Uzbekistan’s airspace. The European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA – has confirmed the status of the NAC as safe air carrier. The aircompany has successfully passed the IOSA audit and has been recognized as the "Most punctual aircompany» in some foreign airports. Airports of “Bukhara”, “Samarkand”, “Urgench” were more that once winners of prestigious competition «Best airport of year of the CIS countries» of Association «Civil Aviation Airport». Also, that is pleasant, specialists of the NAC annually receive high state awards.

In year 2015 aircraft of the «Uzbekistan Airways» have performed 23,269 flights. 2 million 572 thousand 289 passengers have used these services. About 42 thousand tons of cargo, including paid luggage, were transported. Now cargo flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Seoul, Milan, Vienna, Hanoi, Zaragosa are carried out from airport "Navoi", where the International Intermodal Logistics Centre (IILC) was established,. During last year 692 flights were executed from IILC, the volume of cargo transportation has made 35,989.2 tons that is at 16 % more than in 2014.

Novelty of aviation technics is one of the important factors for providing the safety, regularity and availability of flights of Uzbekistan’s aircompany. Both maintenance and provision of airworthiness of aircrafts of the NAC, on which the flights are carried out to more than 40 cities of Europe and Asia, America and Japan, takes a special place in airline activity.

The national air carrier is now preparing for putting into operations two aircraft Boeing-787-8 Dreamliner, the first of which will supplement the air fleet in the run-up to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This ultra-modern long-haul aircraft Boeing-787-8 are created on the basis of advanced technologies and have high economic efficiency and extended flight range. Absolutely new approach to design of passenger cabins provides the maximum conveniences to passengers and flight crews, necessary for long-distance flights. The aircraft will allow the air company to conduct flights with full passenger cabin from the republican airports to any airport of the USA and Canada, Australia, countries of the Far East, Asia and Africa. We remind that in June 2012 Boeing-787-8 Dreamliner landed at the capital airport during demonstration tour, thousands people of the capital saw the aircraft comforts.

In January 2016, in the day of celebration of anniversary of establishing the NAC «Uzbekistan Airways», the new Center on repair and maintenance of composite components of aircraft has begun to work on aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics». This enterprise has technical base and qualified personnel for rendering all kinds of line and base maintenance service and repair of aircraft both of the NAC and foreign companies, and all its services are confirmed by the international certificates,

It is necessary to note that specialists of this aviation enterprise already had experience on work with composite details of airframe of aircraft Airbus A320 and Boeing-757/767, namely, nose cones, fairing of high-lift devices, elevators and rudders, panels of floor, etc. After commissioning of the given Center the National provider of aircraft maintenance opens new horizons in development and continues successful long-term history of the enterprise of Uzbekistan in world aviation market of aircraft maintenance.

This joint project of the National aircompany and the Boeing Company proves once again that civil aviation of Uzbekistan goes with the times, aspiring to progress and adoption of the newest world technologies. The Boeing Company invested about half-million US dollars in a new facility on a gratuitous basis. The furnaces with the inert environment for processing of titanic alloys and process of pasting for repair of nose cones, as well as complete set of equipment for performance of repair of composite details of aircraft of all types were financed from these funds and supplied to the enterprise.

The qualified experts, who have taken preliminary training on repair of details from composites for aircraft, manufactured by the Boeing Company, have been involved for providing effective work of the given Center. Mechanics have received theoretical and practical training at the course “Basic Composites Repair and Metal Bond” in Singapore, and engineers have taken theoretical preparation in Seattle. Also during the current year training of experts of «Uzbekistan Airways Technics» directly on repair of composite details of aircraft Boeing-787 Dreamliner has been planned.

The dynamical forward aspiration and airline progress shows its plans which are the largest ones in the CIS. One more joint project of aircompany with South Korean partners, namely building the new passenger terminal "Tashkent-4", which will become the most modern in the Central Asia, is now realized.

All mentioned is only a part of projects which in immediate prospects are capable to lead the civil aviation of Uzbekistan to qualitatively new level and to keep the status of a safe, reliable and stable air carrier on the world aviation industry for the national aircompany.

Information service of the NAC