Uzbekistan airways

General Sales Agency

The General Sales Agency (GSA) is an Uzbekistan Airways’ state unitary company responsible for the sales of airline tickets on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Our responsibilities:

  • to manage the flight sales agents’ network on the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • to arrange booking, re-booking of flights and to carry out air transportation.

Thanks to interline agreements with our international partners, we sale travel documents for the destinations operated by other carriers with a wider routes network.

We accept the following forms of payment for our services:

  • By cash
  • By card, including UzCard, Visa and Master Card

We consider passengers’ queries related to the arrangement of air transportation.


Contact details:
Address: 51 Amir Temur Ave., Tashkent
Phone: (998-78) 140-47-50
Fax: (998-78) 140-48-18