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«Dreamliner» in the sky of Uzbekistan

People of Uzbekistan celebrate the great holiday – 25th anniversary of independence that is historical event in the centuries-old famous history of our Homeland, initiated creation of new democratic state, new society. This holiday is truly the greatest and valuable for all of us. In retrospect, looking over the course made, we see striking changes in all economic sectors of the republic. Each next year becomes more fruitful than previous one. Increasing power and economic potential of Uzbekistan is the obvious proof of this fact. No wonder that such gains, enlarging the authority of our Homeland in the world, arouse our pride and admiration.

And now, in holiday, the civil aviation of Uzbekistan, one of the strategic branches of republican economy, having obtained the aircraft of new generation – Boeing 787-8 “Dreamliner” – shows its dynamic aspiration for progress. One more historical stage has begun in its development. New modern aircraft has become a worth present to jubilee of independence of our state. Aircraft was operated by flight crew of the National air company of Uzbekistan, consisting of the pilot-instructor Josef Zak, chief of new flight division “Boeing-787” Asadjon Tursunov and chief navigator of air company Stanislav Gurfinkel. Non-stop flight from Seattle to Tashkent with duration about 12 hours has been successfully performed. “Dreamliner” was accepted by the Deputy Director General of the NAC Gennadiy Kharlap, deputy directors of aviation enterprise “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” Andrey Margachev and Valeriy Kosov on the facility of the Boeing Company.

All personnel of the air company “Uzbekistan airways” prepared for this grandiose event. Large complex work on preparing the ground infrastructure, engineering-technical and flight staff was fulfilled. The new flight division, consisting of 2 pilot-instructors and 18 pilots, was established. On aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics» 64 specialists, including 6 instructors, were trained. Latter will train engineering-technical staff on skills building session on aircraft.

The great honour to work in non-simple, but interesting time fell to the staff of the National air company of Uzbekistan, including pilots and engineering-technical personnel. During short period pilots of the NAC successfully mastered some types of the most modern aircraft. Now the very important stage on exploitation of Boeing 787-8 aircraft is to take place. This is a new aircraft in the main with the most modern technical and technological equipment, radically different from aircraft that are the part of NAC’s fleet now. We may say with confidence that level of training, professionalism and high responsibility will allow air company’s specialists to master new aircraft and begin its commercial exploitation.

Aviators of Uzbekistan are already familiar with this aircraft, as in June 2012 the airport «Tashkent» was chosen as place of landing and presentation during well-known demonstration tour - “Dream Tour”. This fact was the indicator of importance of Uzbek market for the Boeing Company. During presentation thousand of Uzbek capital’s inhabitants saw aircraft itself and its conveniences, and pilots of the NAC had possibility to operate this unique creation of the Boeing Company in the field of passenger aircraft manufacturing.

Aircraft Boeing-787 “Dreamliner”, made the breakthrough in efficiency, economy, ecological compatibility and comfort for passengers, has been created on the base of advanced manufacturing sciences. Completely new approach to design of passenger cabin provides maximum conveniences for passengers and flight crew, necessary for long-distance flights. Fuel efficiency of “Dreamliner” reaches 10% in comparison with Boeing-767, and per passenger – up to 20%. Due to increased flight speed it will be possible to fly from Tashkent to Moscow 10 minutes faster and to London and Paris 20-30 minutes faster. Its increased flight range enables to perform flights to the most distant points of the world. Aircraft consists of composite materials on 50% and aluminum – on 20%. External noise, made by aircraft, is in 2 times lower in comparison with previous aircraft models.

Cabin size and its comfort are also impressive. Internal diameter of cabin is 1 meter wider than on aircraft Boeing-767. Comfortable and wide seats, principally new floor covering, lighting and noise insulation enable to create more pleasant sensations from fly for passengers. Passenger cabin is equipped by air saturator, as well as individual display for each passenger, intended for entertainment and nicer pastime. Already in September air company will be able to perform flights on this aircraft “Dreamliner” (having capacity 246 passengers) from airports of Uzbekistan to any airports of USA and Canada, Far East, Asia, Africa and Australia. Air company’s fleet will be replenished by the second aircraft Boeing-787 Dreamliner soon.

It is needed to note that 2016 will go down in history as year of 20th anniversary of co-operation between the NAC «Uzbekistan airways» and the Boeing Company and year of delivery of Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” to the fleet of the National air carrier of Uzbekistan. History of co-operation began in 1996 when the first aircraft Boeing-767 arrived to the «Uzbekistan Airways». During these years fleet of the NAC have being replenished by new Boeing aircraft, and now they count more than ten aircraft. Putting into operation in January 28, 2016 – in day of establishing the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” – the regional Center on repair of large aircraft components made of composite materials was one more successfully realized joint project in the frame of fruitful and long-term partnership.

Undoubtedly, "Dreamliner" is absolutely “new word” in aviation, marked revolution in the sphere of passenger aircraft manufacturing. As centenarian history of the Boeing Company shows, its designers and engineers are long on improving aircraft constructively and technologically for creation of the most comfortable conditions for passengers and for providing maximum flight safety. Looking at scalable plans and unique developments of corporation, we may say with confidence that co-operation “Uzbekistan Airways” and the Boeing Company, aimed at development of civil aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, will be longer, stronger and more fruitful. Safety, reliability, comfort will continue to be priorities in work of the personnel of the National air company, that has been suitably representing interests and image of our country in the world arena during 25 years.

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