Uzbekistan airways

Company for special aviation services (AC «SAS»)

Aviation company for special aviation services (AC «SAS») as an independent business started in 1997.

It has AN-2 airplanes in agricultural, transportation and passenger models. These airplanes are landed in airports of Nukus and Urgench and «Sergeli» airfield.

AN-2 airplanes are used in agriculture for aviation chemical services for additional fertilizing of the grain crops, cotton defoliation and against pests. Every year 150 thousand hectares are covered from air.

AN-2 airplanes are used for other purposes. 15 years longer the air photo flights using the upgraded technologies take various pictures upon the requests of the different ministries and other state bodies.

Passenger’s AN-2 airplanes have 6 to 10 seats and are able to fly 1000 km longest. These airplanes are available for touristic flights of Tashkent-Samarkand-Boukhara-Urgench-Khiva and Aral regions and other lines.

Using AN-2 airplanes «SAS» training pilots instruct the primary flying programme for student of the Saint-Petersburg State University for Civil Aviation. These upcoming pilots are for Flying complex of «Uzbekistan Khavo Yullari» National Aviation Company.


«SAS» has Mi-8МТВ-1 helicopters. These helicopters land on «Sergeli» airfield and fly all over Uzbekistan to do many functions.

Helicopter’s crews monitor the snow covers and inrushing lakes and deliver to the weather stations up to 3500 meters above sea level upon the requests of Uzbekistan Hydro Meteorological Committee and Emergency Ministry.

Since 2002 Mi-8МТВ-1 helicopters serve the foreign tourists for skiing and snowboarding on the mountain ranges along Pskem river, Charvak reservoir and Chimgan hole. These attractions are located in Tashkent region.

«Heli-Ski» programme invites downhill skiers from Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech, Denmark, Poland and Italy. This one of the most complicated programme. It requires special skills of the crews and helicopters.

Governmental programme applies Mi-8МТВ-1 helicopters for police functions every year to detect and destroy the narcotic plants. «Black poppy» mission stops the narcotic distributions all over Uzbekistan.

Since 2013 «SAS» has IL-76 airplanes. These airplanes land at «Tashkent».international airport and make various transportations Uzbekistan inside and abroad.

«SAS» is above 600 professional pilots, technicians and other specialists.

Annual flying time for Mi-8МТВ-1 helicopters and AN-2 airplanes is up to 11000 flight hours.



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