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Civil Aviation of Uzbekistan: high status and responsibility

Civil Aviation of Uzbekistan: high status and responsibility

During the years of independence Uzbekistan has achieved significant successes in all spheres: economic, political, social, cultural and others. The civil aviation of the country was not an exception.

With the formation of the "Uzbekistan Airways", specific tasks for modernization and development of the industry were set before the country's air carriers. Thanks to the comprehensive support of the state, large-scale programs have been implemented to update the fleet and modernize all ground infrastructure, introduce technical and technological innovations. In the interest of safety and creating comfortable conditions, the airline fleet has been updated.

Today the air fleet "Uzbekistan Airways" consists of modern comfortable airliners "Airbus" and "Boeing", including three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Today modern and comfortable aircraft of Uzbekistan regularly land and take off in more than 40 cities of Europe and Asia, operate charter flights in range from Alaska to New Zealand. From October, 2018, regular flights to Mumbai and Jeddah will be introduced, the issue of opening new directions to Tbilisi, Munich and Karachi is being worked out.

The National air carrier can independently and qualitatively support the airworthiness of the aircraft. On the aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics», performs works of any complication from painting to major repairs of any types of airplanes, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Not only own fleet of air company, but the aircraft of foreign companies are maintained here. Airlines SCAT, “Tadjik Air”, “Turkmen Airline”, “Ural Airlines” and other Russian air carriers are long-term partners of the Tashkent aircraft repair enterprise.

The system of personnel training is being improved. Up to date, the Training Center of the NAC, has professional instructor and teaching staff, various types of aviation “Full-flight” simulators which is capable providing theoretical and practical training in accordance with international standards not only to own flight staff and to offer services on preparing and training to foreign air companies. Currently in the NAC works is under way on preparation of pilots directly in Uzbekistan on the basis of the Training Center of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways".This year the Center will receive the first listeners for the initial training of pilots.

The implementation of infrastructure projects for the reconstruction of air terminal complexes, runways, construction of new terminals made it possible to bring all airports of the country in line with ICAO international standards, improve flight safety and quality of service. Today all 11 airports of the country have the status of international and are able to take any type of aircraft, work day and night even in very difficult weather conditions.

Throughout the country, the air traffic control system has been improved and modernized. New air navigation systems have been put into exploitation, in order to make flights more safe and to increase number of users of Uzbekistan’s airspace. New terminals have been built at the “Tashkent”, “Bukhara”, “Urgench”, “Fergana” and “Navoi” airports.

This year, The new arrival terminal of international airlines was put into operation in the international airport "Tashkent" named after Islam Karimov airport. Putting into exploitation of a new building with a capacity of 1200 passengers per hour will significantly improve the service of incoming passengers of international destinations and will speed up the process of passing necessary procedures at the entrance to the country. A new passenger terminal with a capacity of 400 passengers per hour was opened at the international airport "Nukus".

A capital repair of the runway have made at the airport "Urgench" . In the medium term, until 2021, the airline plans to implement a number of projects that envisage the reconstruction and modernization of the airport infrastructure, including the construction of a new international passenger terminal at the capital’s airport, the reconstruction of air terminals and runways at “Termez”, “Samarkand " international airports and etc.

The airline constantly works on strengthening of commercial activity in the international market of air transportation. Every year the geography of flights, the sales network of NAC services, the volume of transportation increases. If last year the airline carried 2.7 million passengers, then this year it is planned to transport over three million passengers.

The figures are also growing in terms of cargo transportation, NAC cargo liners connect the international airport "Navoi", where the International Intermodal Logistics Center is established, with the main nodes and logistics centers of Eurasia. The cargo terminal of the airport, thanks to the use of world-class technologies, is able to cover the entire range of services for the reception, temporary storage and dispatch of goods. Handling of goods on the territory of the terminal is carried out around the clock, customs clearance of export and import cargoes - in accordance with the current customs legislation, which allows to work in the system of international freight cooperation.

Particular importance is attached to the development of tourism. NAC works closely with travel companies and agencies, jointly develop various cognitive, sightseeing and other tours, including in the direction of pilgrimage tourism. The airline also launched a new service for helicopter tours around Uzbekistan. In order to develop inbound tourism, new group tariffs have been introduced for destinations from the USA, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and CIS countries to Uzbekistan. For the development of domestic tourism, a flexible system of discounts for domestic destinations is also applied, according to the categories "Individual" - 30%, "Family" - 50%, "Student" and "Tourist" - 40%. During the celebration of Independence Day, the NAC provides residents and foreign tourists with holiday discounts for all intra-republican destinations.

Speaking about innovations in the industry, it is necessary to note the recognition received by the national air carrier of Uzbekistan in other countries. One of them is the awarding of Uzbekistan Airways to the Eurasian award in the field of aviation marketing at the NETWORK 2018 forum in Kazan. Also the NAC has been repeatedly recognized as the most punctual airline in the international airports "Domodedovo", "Sochi", "Krasnodar", "Kazan" and others. At the III International Forum "Sky Service", held to develop services and services on the boards of civil aircraft, the flight attendants team of the National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways" won the cup of the prestigious professional competition "Team of the Year", and the flight attendant of the NAC was acknowledged "The best flight attendant of the year ".

Looking back, on the way the National Airline has passed since the day of establishing, it is pleasant to realize that the hard, dedicated work and professionalism of the specialists of "Uzbekistan Airways" made it possible to provide the main criteria in its activity - safety, stability and comfort. The achieved results are, first of all, the deeply thought out and verified policy of our state, the safe and dignified life of our people, peace and stability on our land. And today civil aviation, being an important part of the economic sector of the country, must meet the tasks set by the leadership of Uzbekistan. After all, the modern airport infrastructure, security, reliability and comfort of air transportation are part of the favorable business and investment climate being created in the country, the guarantee of reliable international cooperation, strengthening of the sovereignty of the republic and the formation of its worthy image abroad.