"Uzbekistan airways" JSC

Civil aviation of Uzbekistan: high status and confident move to progress

When in 1992 the First President of Uzbekistan I. Karimov had issued the Decree on establishing the National air company “Uzbekistan Airways”, the specified tasks on modernization and development of such strategic industry, that civil aviation is in the whole world, were put before airmen of country. During last years with support of government of our country the scale program on fleet renewal, modernization of entire ground infrastructure of the NAC were realized in the industry. Today the National air carrier of Uzbekistan has deserving place on international market of avia transportations and became the symbol of independence of the republic.

Safety, stability and comfort. These principles are the basis of civil aviation of Uzbekistan during all these years. Over this period the fleet of aircompany was replenished with Boeing-757/767, Аirbus 320, IL-114-100 and freight Boeing aircraft.

The National Aircompany began commercial exploitation of new generation aircraft - Boeing 787 Dreamliner in September 2016. Complex work on preparing the ground infrastructure, engineering-technical personnel and flight crews was performed. In the Flight Operations Complex of the NAC the new flight division consisting of high qualified pilots had been formed, on aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics» specialists and instructors who are directly involved in maintenance of new Dreamliner had been prepared.

The Boeing Company has awarded the professionalism of air company’s specialists and high level of Dreamliner’s reliability by special award. Absence of cancellations or delays of flights due to malfunction of these aircraft was the reason for this award.

On July 27, 2017 for the first time in the history the National air company “Uzbekistan Airways” carried out the first direct flight on the route “Tashkent – New-York – Tashkent” on aircraft “Dreamliner”. This event have open new epoch in the development of the NAC. Today the “Dreamliners” perform flights to Dubai, Delhi, Amritsar, Istanbul, Tel-Aviv, Seoul, Frankfurt am Main, Moscow, Kuala-Lumpur and Singapore, Riga and New-York.

Whereas in 1991 there were 3 airports in our republic, nowadays there are 11 ones. All of them were reconstructed and modernized and have status «International» and are equipped by reliable and perfect screening equipment. Today every airport of republic has not only high passenger capacity, but is able to receive all types of aircraft, work day and night in heavy weather conditions, such as strong wind, fog and low cloudiness.

The new terminal of domestic routes "Tashkent-3" have been put into operation in the capital’s airport, as well as the new Business Lounge of “Uzbekistan airways” with higher comfort level for servicing the passengers. New terminals are open in other airports of republic.

The freight flights to Frankfurt-am-Main, Milan, Vienna, Oslo, Basel, Zaragoza, Dubai, Delhi, Inchon, Tianjin, Hanoi and Shanghai are performed today from International intermodal logistic center, created on the base of airport «Navoi». Modern cargo terminal of airport is one of the largest and most high-technological air cargo complexes of the region, which can cover all spectrum of transport services on reception of cargo, their temporal storage and dispatch, both on an export and on an import.

Single, purposeful politics of development and modernization was also chosen in the sphere of Air Traffic Control (ATC) on all territory of Uzbekistan. New modern ATC centers have been put into exploitation in airports, which modernization and equipping with the modern equipment was performed by leading world producers of the ATC systems. New systems in the field of air traffic control – RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) and QNH (indication of flight altitude relative to mean sea level) have been put into service, allowed to make flights more safe and to increase number of users of Uzbekistan’s airspace. Nowadays each aircraft in the sky of Uzbekistan is under continuing supervision of highly skilled traffic controllers of the Center “Uzaeronavigation”.

«Each passenger is important for us!» - this slogan is always actual in activity of the enterprise «Catering», providing tasty meal to board of aircraft. Year by year the higher requirements are made to the meal quality, and staff is continually working on such quality, improving the process of meal preparation and menu.

Air company of “Special Aviation Works” plays significant role in development of agriculture and water industry and tourism potential of the republic; it is the division of the NAC and has aircraft An-2 and multifunctional helicopters Mi-8MTV in its fleet.

During the years of independence a necessary legal base which governs activity of civil aviation of the country has been created in a republic, as well as effective legislative basis met international standards. The Air Code of the republic was accepted, a number of normative-legal documents was worked out. Uzbekistan joined practically all effective international documents, regulating activity of civil aviation. The National aircompany of Uzbekistan has been entered to the official register of operators of IOSA. As international experts mark, a qualitative aviation legislation including the principal items of international standards operates in Uzbekistan, and the structure of civil aviation in the state allows to support high strength of flights security.

Perfection of the system of training the personnel is one of the important factors in providing the flights safety. The civil aviation of Uzbekistan is always notable for the school of preparation of professionals. The NAC sticks to the most strict views in this question and categorically doesn’t accept any simplifications, concerning selection and training of pilots. Large attention is devoted not only to educating, but also to continuous keep of their qualification. The level of professionalism of Uzbek pilots has been confirmed by international experts. It is necessary to note that today young men in age 27 and elder fly as commanders of large aircraft in an aircompany. Among air traffic servicing dispatchers and engineering-technical personnel the young specialists in age 25-30 attain the highest qualification and they are entrusted with work in the most serious areas.

Currently in the NAC works on preparation of pilots directly in the Training Center of the NAC "Uzbekistan Airways"are begun. Training Center has professional teaching staff, which is able to provide theoretical and practical preparation in accordance with international standards, as well as Simulator Center with various types of simulator, including full-flight simulator of aircraft IL-114-100, А320 and Boeing 767, allowing to practice in conditions, maximally close to the real. Technical equipping of Training Center allows to train on simulators not only own staff but to offer services on preparing and training to foreign air companies.

The civil aviation of Uzbekistan may flexibly use its fleet depending on demand and situation at the market of air traffics. But what is the most important, it may independently and qualitatively support the airworthiness of the aircraft. To date the aviation enterprise "Uzbekistan Airways Technics" of the NAC performs works of any complication from painting to major repairs of airplanes “Boeing”, “Airbus”, “IL- 62”, “IL- 76” and “An- 2”, exploited in the CIS countries and far abroad. In January 2016 Center on repair of components of composite materials was created and put into operation on "Uzbekistan Airways Technics" jointly with a corporation "Boeing Commercial Airplanes". Taking into account that composite materials are the future aviation building material, a new center opens large prospects in development of activity of this enterprise of republic.

Development of tourism sphere in a country is strongly emphasized, and the National airline conducts purposeful work in this direction. Geography of flights, network of services sales of the NAC is broadened out every year, the volume of freight transportation is increased. The National aircompany successfully cooperates with number of foreign companies within the framework of Special Prorate, Interline and Code Share agreements, new representative offices of the NAC are opened abroad. Whereas in 1992 an airline had 7 representative offices only, to date this number makes over 40.

The dynamical forward aspiration and airline progress shows its plans which are the largest ones in the CIS. Active work is conducted on participating of the NAC in some programs of IATA, ICAO, IAC. The project on construction of modern airport complex for civil (business) aviation is realized on the base of aerodrome “Tashkent-Eastern”. A contract is signed with "Boeing" company on delivery next four aircraft of Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A national aircompany plans to join authoritative aviation alliances.

All mentioned is only a part of projects which in immediate prospects are capable to lead the civil aviation of Uzbekistan to qualitatively new level and to keep the status of a safe, reliable and stable air carrier on the world aviation industry.